Iveco Bus E-Way achieves new performance record

Iveco Bus E-Way achieves new performance record

The E-Way, launched for the market by Iveco Bus, was once again tested and the results couldn’t be more satisfactory. Equipped with a 335-kWh battery this 100% electric bus was able to make 543 kilometers with a single charge.

At the end of the long journey the Iveco Bus E-Way had yet a 3% residual charge. Something that happened because this vehicle only consumes 0.61 kWh/km.

Through the statements of Malte Seek we were able to know that the bus circulated on urban and suburban routes at Braunschweig area. “This routes concern to some of school trajectories”, assures us the E-Way’s driver.

In the total it was two days at the wheel of this 100% electric bus, between 5h30am and 4pm. For the CEO of Verkerhrsbetriebe Bachstein, the company responsible for the test, “that’s a big challenge for the drivers”. Especially because “they are the ones who manage the whole vehicle”, says Jan Behrendt.

Despite that, who drives the Iveco Bus E-Way have the work a little bit simplified thanks to the on-boards telematics. Through this equipment “the drivers always know what they can and what they can’t do”, explains the CEO.

Iveco Bus E-Way breaks a new record

As we have already mentioned, this isn’t the first time that the development of the Iveco Bus E-Way has been analyzed. However, had been achieved such a good result.  Even more important: never this electric bus with 12 meters had been tested by a client in real operating conditions.

“We already had realized a first test at our test track”, reminded the director of Iveco Bus brand. Back then “a single charge did allow to make 527km”, added Stéphane Espinasse. We can therefore conclude that the performance of the Iveco Bus E-Way improved by 16 kilometers between the two times it was tested.

Certificated by TÜV Nord, the current record achieved by this electric bus “confirms the supremacy of Iveco Bus in the field of electrical mobility”. Besides that, in Espinasse’s opinion, “this record proves the Iveco Bus E-Way’s capacity to go further”. 

The wide range of Iveco Bus

Founded in 1999, Iveco Bus has a strong presence in the public transport field and is one of the major manufacturers of passenger buses. Furthermore, this group is a partner of reference, fronting multiple challenges inherent to the sustainable mobility.

The Iveco Bus has already launched to the market: school buses, intercity buses, and tour buses.  In addiction to that, the brand also projected, manufactured, and commercialized minibuses to all the services of passenger’s transportation. As well as traditional and articulated city buses, including dedicated versions.

From the brand’s bet in electrical mobility emerged the Iveco Bus E-Way, “which constitutes the most complete range of the market”, assure the group in the press release. This specific bus is commercialized in a wide variety of lengths: 9.5meters, 12meters and 18meters.

Another characteristic that is also adaptable to the clients’ needs is the Iveco Bus Eway’s charging mode. You can choose either a slow overnight charge or, if you prefer, a fast charge with or without pantograph. 

The Iveco Bus E-Way also stands out for offering an extremely comfortable experience for drivers and passengers. Something that is related to fact that this electric bus has both handling and acceleration smooth.

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