Coopérnico assumes the coordination of the Matrycs project in Portugal

Coopérnico assumes the coordination of the Matrycs project in Portugal

Coopérnico, the first Portuguese renewables energies’ cooperative, is now responsible for the coordination of Matrycs in Portugal. A European Union project that Horizon 2020 financed worth about 4.5 million of euros.

Matrycs has as its main purposes “enjoy the energy system’s digitalization and create new services to improve the European buildings’ energy efficiency”.

Those responsible for this project are committed to analyze more than 350TB (terabytes) of data from more than 60 data sources. A task that must be concluded within two years and will serve “to facilitate the decarbonization of all the buildings’ value chain”. Including “citizens, SMEs, and local governments”.

Alongside Portugal, the Matrycs project counts with the collaboration of partners from more than nine European countries. Including: Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Latvia, Belgium, and the Czech Republic.

Portugal hosts one of the pilot projects

Matrycs also wants to test innovative tools in 11 pilot projects of different European Union countries.  The objective is “accelerate the energetic transition, to warranty the sustainability and resilience along the live cycle of the European buildings”. One of these pilot projects will be launched by Coopérnico in Portugal.

The group predicts to involve 850 citizens on the development of solutions focused in facilitate the development of new photovoltaic production systems, reduce the electric consumes and find synergies between the local community members.

The executive coordinator of Coopérnico affirms that “the entities and the people involved will share electric consumption data with the project partners”. These partners, in turn, “will transform the data in information and tips to reduce the building’s consumption”.

All this process requires a rigorous data’s analysis. Something that will be done “through the project’s tools that will be developed and improved along the way”, explains Ana Rita Antunes.

As coordinator of the Matrycs project in Portugal, “the Coopérnico will follow the development of new services, from the definition of needs to the involvement of the final users”, they assure us in a press release.

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