ZF’s fourth generation of the 8-speed automatic transmission will be launched in mid-2022 and is aimed at being used as an electrified passenger car drive.

It is the technical basis for the next generation of plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) with high all-electric ranges, as ZF anticipated in its EVplus concept.

The driveway basis of this concept vehicle is the 8-speed automatic transmission from #ZF, known for its efficiency, whose housing also contains a powerful electric motor.

In this way, this PHEV becomes a full-fledged e-mobile on the medium-long distances of everyday life. With this PHEV, it is now possible to cover around 150 kilometers purely electrically on one battery charge (depending on the battery capacity of the OEM) – enough range for most drivers to cover the daily journey to work and back home without a combustion engine. The combustion engine is usually only used for long-distance journeys.

A transmission optimized for electric movement

The new generation of the 8-speed automatic transmission is still composed of four sets of planetary gears and five sets of shift elements, which can further improve the operation efficiency by optimizing the friction power.

Of course, its main optimization is not only in the fine-tuning of the internal gear shafting, after all, it has undergone three generations of innovation. This time, the main changes are focused on the integrated and modular design, the optimization of the accessory system and the redesign of the electrical system.

The maximum power of the matched 48V auxiliary motor can reach 25kW, which can participate in the activity under almost all working conditions of the vehicle. In addition to improving fuel economy through energy recovery, the matching 48V auxiliary motor can also provide power in the process of vehicle start-up and acceleration. Optimize the engine to work near the best working point, and greatly reduce the pollutant emission of the engine.

According to ZF’s production plan, the new generation of 8AT gearbox will begin production in the German city of Salbrucan in 2022, followed by the two major markets in China and the United States. At present, BMW and Fiat Chrysler Group have signed a new generation of eight-speed automatic transmission purchase order with ZF, which will be used in its hybrid models in the future.

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