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Adelino Dinis

Salvador Patrício Gouveia

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Paulo Marmé
Sara Pelicano
Sandra Rodrigues

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Rui Garrett


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Rua Prof. Dr. Pedro Bettencourt Raposo, 5
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Edições Vintage Lda.

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Rua Prof. Dr. Pedro Bettencourt Raposo, 5
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Welectric Mission

Welectric is an online news publication that is committed to ensure the respect for deontological principles and professional ethics of journalists, as well as the good faith of its readers.

Welectric is an online, daily publication with the theme of Smart Cities, electric mobility and an urban and sustainable lifestyle..

Welectric is a publication made by professionals who like to ask questions, knowing that their input is important in helping to form opinions.

Welectric is a publication that seeks, with freedom and independence, the truth and knowledge about the topics it addresses.

Welectric is a publication that is always searching for facts and solutions that can help the next generations to live more sustainably and happily.

Welectric has no political affinities or economic links to companies operating in its subject area.

Welectric is responsible only to its readers.

Welectric is an inclusive publication, encouraging the participation of all its readers in the discussion of every topic.

Welectric aims to contribute towards an informed and active public opinion.

Welectric will look for attractive and pertinent formulas for presenting information, taking advantage of the freedom and creativity that new technologies allow.