Noah Surf House, located in the charming village of Santa Cruz (Torres Vedras, Portugal), is a luxury retreat that combines comfort, sustainability, and a deep connection to the sea. On July 12, the hotel will once again host the Prio Softboard Heroes charity surf competition, reflecting its values and philosophy for the fourth consecutive year.

Situated by the sea at Praia da Física, Noah Surf House lives and breathes surf. Its vision is based on promoting a relaxed lifestyle in harmony with nature, ideal for all sea lovers. The hotel offers softboards to its guests, promotes yoga sessions with sea views, and has a skate park, reinforcing its strong connection to sports.

It is, therefore, about to host the Prio Softboard Heroes charity surf event, which brings together surfers and public figures for a friendly competition aimed at supporting Portuguese non-profit associations. After raising €37,500 in previous editions, this year the event increases the prize by 20%, setting the target at €18,000. United by a common goal, they rely on Noah Surf House for the creation and assembly of the event’s physical structures, as well as for providing and creatively reusing materials.

With an upcycling philosophy, this production partner gives new life to materials, thus promoting sustainability while benefiting associations such as Bombeiros Voluntários de Torres Vedras, Terra dos Sonhos, Ajuda de Berço and Skoola, amplifying their messages.

Co-founder Gonçalo Alves reveals: “participating in charitable initiatives like the Prio Softboard Heroes and helping to promote this cause is extremely important to us.

Year after year, we have the opportunity to make a difference and simultaneously raise community awareness about the importance of sustainability, something we are very proud of.”

From the elegance of its eight rooms, thirteen sustainable bungalows, and bunk beds with stunning sea views, guests are invited to immerse themselves in the natural beauty that surrounds them. This hotel, dedicated to sustainability and active tourism, leaves no one indifferent and has been acclaimed for its innovative architecture, using eco-friendly materials and bold decoration, providing a unique and memorable experience for all who visit.

Gonçalo notes that sustainability is one of Noah Surf House’s biggest pillars: “Since our foundation nearly ten years ago, we have reinforced our commitment to reducing our ecological footprint. We have installed flow reducers on all taps and implemented a rainwater harvesting system, which we reuse for irrigation and toilet flushing. All the energy we use comes from solar panels and heat pumps, and the lighting is provided by efficient LEDs.”

The hotel’s structure was adapted from an old building, using primarily concrete, glass, cork, and wood. These materials provide appropriate robustness and were chosen to create a harmonious aesthetic that integrates with the surrounding natural landscape.

Each space was carefully designed with recycled and eco-friendly materials, featuring elements such as old lockers transformed into furniture, plumbing pipes turned into lamps, and agricultural presses reused in the decoration, giving the space a rustic and authentic charm.

For nature and healthy eating enthusiasts, Noah Surf House offers a complete experience with its organic garden. It has containers for selective waste separation and a composting station to valorize organic waste, producing pesticide-free fertilizers used in the garden. This garden grows vegetables, aromatic herbs, and other fresh seasonal ingredients used in the meals served at the restaurant, providing a unique gastronomic experience with seasonal ingredients prepared creatively.

In addition to rooms, private gardens, and terraces, guests can enjoy a rooftop bar, relax in the infinity pool, or take advantage of an outdoor jacuzzi. Afternoons are celebrated with music, gatherings around the fire, and unique moments of socializing and reflection at sunset.

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