Carmo Wood, a specialist in the construction of wooden bridges in Portugal and co-responsible for the design of the emblematic bridge of the World Youth Days and responsible for the construction of the Ponte da Calçada de Carriche, takes a significant step towards innovation and excellence with its latest partnership strategy with the specialist in bridge engineering, Professor Roberto Crocetti.

“We want to follow the example of other northern European countries and make it possible, in Portugal and Spain, to build wooden or mixed bridges over 50 meters wide and hundreds of meters long, both for pedestrian and road access. “, states João Figueiredo, administrator of Carmo Wood, highlighting the determination to advance the complexity and quality of wooden bridges. “This strategic partnership represents a clear commitment by Carmo Wood to raise the standard of excellence in the sector, placing Portugal and Spain as European leaders in this field”, he adds.

As a result of this partnership, Carmo Wood announces an exclusive training led by Professor Crocetti, aimed at the company’s more than 20 project engineers and all engineers, architects and professionals in the sector who wish to participate, demonstrating Carmo Wood’s commitment to excellence in wooden bridge engineering and highlighting the interest and importance of this partnership for the sector as a whole. The event will take place at the Carmo Wood factory in Oliveira de Frades, from March 5th to 8th and is subject to registration (limited places).

Roberto Crocetti, a renowned Swedish structural engineer, brings with him more than two decades of experience dedicated to timber engineering, with a particular focus on long-span structures, bridges, connections and hybrid structures. With an impressive academic record, Crocetti was a professor at Chalmers University of Technology and Lund University. He is currently an assistant professor of wood-based hybrid structures at KTH, where he also develops courses related to structural engineering, in addition to supervising doctoral theses on different types of wood connections.

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In addition to his academic work, Crocetti plays a key role as a structural engineer at the consultancy firm TBS, where he deals with wooden structure projects, especially wooden bridges, and R&D projects.

“Sweden is an inspiring example, with more than 3,000 wooden bridges”, highlights João Figueiredo who envisions a promising future for Portugal and Spain in this field, with Carmo Wood well positioned to face the challenges of the future, promoting sustainability, innovation and excellence in wooden bridge engineering.

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