Skizo, an emerging brand with a sustainable vision, emerges as a response to growing concern about environmental impact, especially concerning the oceans. Founded by entrepreneurs passionate about the sea, Skizo was inspired by a revealing incident during a winter day at the beach, when the founders’ almost two-year-old son, Lorenzo, tried to put pieces of plastic found in the sand in his mouth.

“Skizo was born from several factors, but mainly on the day we went to the beach with our son Lorenzo, who was almost 2 years old, at that time, and on that winter afternoon, there was rubbish on the beach and Lorenzo, like any other child his age, he started trying to put what was in the sand in his mouth, pieces of plastic, lids, bottles… we realized that this was not the legacy we wanted to leave either for him or his generation,” said Andreia Coutinho, CMO & Co Founder of Skizo.

Concern for the environment led the founders to develop a solution to the problem of trash in the ocean. “We want to be seen by the next generation as those who did something and not as those who did nothing. We always maintain the focus on sustainability, from the transformation of waste into raw materials, in the way all our products are manufactured, the fact that we do not have stock, the type of packaging, among others,” added Andreia Coutinho.

Currently, Skizo’s offering includes customizable sneakers, bags, hoodies, sunglasses, bags that retain microplastics in the washing machine, t-shirts, tote bags and textiles for B2B commerce. The company is finishing prototyping a bioskin made from coffee grounds in partnership with Grupo Nabeiro.

All Skizo products are thought, designed, and produced with an artisanal approach. The sneakers, for example, are made by a partner focused on personalized footwear in Portugal and produced to order. The remaining products are also manufactured in factories or in local workshops. Production is closely monitored by the founders, who guarantee partnerships with values aligned with Skizo’s values, promoting fair and sustainable work practices.

“All the materials we use in our products are recycled. We always have this concern, and even the labels, in the case of clothing, are printed on the textile itself with this concern, in addition to the concern for comfort,” emphasized Andreia Coutinho.

Skizo’s growth is promising, with plans to internationalize the brand and continue strategic partnerships. The company aims to expand the range of products in different areas and physically imagines itself in an innovative concept store that combines fashion with technology, always maintaining the premise of contributing to a “healthier ocean”, concludes one of the founders of Skizo.

With a clear vision and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Skizo is positioned as a brand that offers quality products and leads the change towards a greener, more conscious future.

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