In the latest index, Helsinki has climbed eight places and is now ranked the fourth most sustainable tourist destination in the world.

Helsinki’s target is to be carbon neutral by 2030. The city’s sustainability goals cover all sectors, from construction to travel industry and events. In the tourism sector, the city’s sustainability work has focused on developing inclusive tourism and encouraging stronger participation by city residents in the development of tourism. In addition, the City of Helsinki measures the carbon footprint of tourism, promotes the measures of the Helsinki Tourism Climate Road Map and supports travel industry along the path of sustainable tourism.

Helsinki’s sustainability work and increased focus on the development of tourism is clearly visible in the improved ranking of Helsinki on the Global Destination Sustainability Index, which has climbed from 16th to 4th place in two years. The Global Destination Sustainability Index measures the sustainability of tourist destinations in four different categories using 70 indicators. Helsinki has been ranked in the index since it began in 2015.

Also other Nordic cities performed excellently in this year’s index, as no less than seven top places went to the Nordic countries. The world’s most sustainable tourist destination in 2023 is Gothenburg in Sweden, which retained its first place from last year. Other cities in the top seven include Oslo, Copenhagen, Bergen, Aarhus and Aalborg.

Helsinki’s aim is to be the smartest and most sustainable travel destination in the world

The aim of the Helsinki City Strategy is to develop Helsinki into the smartest and most sustainable travel destination in the world. Helsinki’s Climate Action Plan for Tourism and Events also outlines Helsinki’s goal of being at the top of the world in terms of sustainability, as verified by indexes and certifications. Helsinki’s goal is to climb to the top of the GDS Index by 2025. The City of Helsinki is also keen to work closely with other travel destinations on a national and international level.

Nina Vesterinen, Tourism Director at the City of Helsinki, is satisfied with the results that have just been published. “One of Helsinki’s main goals in the development of tourism is to become the world’s most sustainable travel destination. The fact that our ranking rose by eight places from last year is a sign that we are doing the right things. Our goal to be the world’s most sustainable travel destination is already within reach. For this, we owe big thanks to all our stakeholders – above all to those companies that are pioneers in sustainability,” says Vesterinen.

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