Porsche: the growing investment in the e-bike segment

Porsche: the growing investment in the e-bike segment

Seeking to expand its activities in the e-bike segment, Porsche has teamed up with the Dutch company Ponooc Investment B.V. and founded two joint companies: Porsche eBike Performance GmbH and P2 eBike GmbH.

Porsche, which has acquired stakes in several companies in the eBike segment, increased its stake in Fazua from 20 to 100 per cent. The brand, that is known among experts as the founder of light eBikes, will now be merged into Porsche eBike Performance GmbH.

As a technology partner, Porsche eBike Performance GmbH is responsible for the development of electric drive systems for two-wheelers. These include motors, batteries, and the necessary software architecture for connectivity solutions.

Besides developing and producing these particularly powerful eBike drive systems on behalf of Porsche, the company based in Ottorbrunn near Munich is also responsible for the Fazua’s compact drive systems. It is stated in the press release that “both product categories will be distributed to eBike manufacturers worldwide in the future”.

Then there is P2 eBike GmbH, which is working on this project from Stuttgart. Its task is to launch, from the middle of this decade, a new generation of Porsche eBikes in which the electric drive systems of Porsche eBike Performance GmbH are properly integrated.

Don’t get the impression, though, that this component has only been designed for Porsche eBikes. It will also be used in products from other brands. Always with the same purpose: to inspire people through intelligent design, sophisticated technology, and outstanding performance.

Porsche eBike Performance GmbH will develop electric drive systems for two-wheelers

The joint venture management team

Regarding the management team of the new joint companies that Porsche and Ponooc have created, it is stated that “the professionals chosen demonstrate how important this joint project is for both companies”.

The chairmanship of the management of Porsche eBike Performance GmbH was entrusted to the former CEO of Porsche Lifestyle GmbH & Co. KG, Jan Becker. At P2 eBike GmbH, this position has been taken over by Moritz Failenschmind, who also works as Managing Director at Focus Bikes.

Known as “proven experts in setting up and developing forward-looking and customer-oriented ventures”, Becker and Failenschmid will be part of “a highly skilled and motivated team”.

A platform for digital services relating to cycling

Porsche’s bet on the e-bike segment is not that recent. In March 2021, the company launched its interpretation of exclusive electric bikes. A project developed in cooperation with the Porsche eBike Sport and the Porsche eBike Cross.

In the future, while introducing new products through the joint venture, Porsche will continue the projects with its long-standing partner Rotwild. Together, they will be working on its current eBike models.

This constant expansion of the company’s activities in the eBike segment is motivated by the fact that Porsche recognizes in itself “great potential in this area”. Explains Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG and Member of the Executive Board for Finance and IT.

To finish, we have to mention Porsche Digital GmbH, which offers a platform for digital services relating to cycling under the Cyklær brand. A project that “gives an idea of how much innovative power is contained in the new joint ventures”, as the multi-award-winning Cyklær Bike was developed together with Fazua and Greyp.