Stellantis France launched a platform dedicated to the B2B customers of the Stellantis Group’s brands called B2B Electric Place.

Its objective: to simplify the transition of companies to electrified vehicles by accompanying them step by step, before, during and after the purchase.

With a differentiated path for the fleet managers and the employees who uses a company vehicle, everyone will quickly find information and answers to the many questions related to the new e-mobility ecosystem. In this way, B2B Electric Place sustains the care pillar of Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, representing a concrete help for customers who choose to embrace electrified mobility.

B2B Electric Place contains all the regulatory information related to electric vehicles, such as the LOM law and the Climate and Resilience law (promulgated in France in 2019 and 2021), taxation, eco-incentives and public aid, in order to provide a global understanding of the opportunities and constraints currently in place in France.

To help choosing the low emission vehicle (LEV) most suitable to each person’s use, it also contains simple tools for analyzing customer’s readiness to e-mobility and for simulating LEVs’ total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, B2B Electric Place describes the different technologies available on the market as well as an exhaustive presentation of the electrified models of Stellantis Group.

To facilitate the use and day-to-day management of the electrified fleet, the platform provides information on public and private charging solutions, connected services available for drivers, fleet management tools, and best practices for using and driving electrified vehicles.

This new tool is available to all sales representatives in the Stellantis France network to help their corporate customers meet the challenges of the energy transition and seize all the opportunities. Accessible online, the tool has been designed to be used on computer, tablet or smartphone and it is supposed to be extend to the rest of the European countries soon.

“Our customers need to quickly grasp all the issues raised by the accelerating energy transition. From now on, regulatory constraints and access to major cities will impact their activities and the mobility of their employees, but also their CSR commitment. Our ambition is to support them in line with our strategic plan Dare Forward 2030 with the B2B Electric Place tool” said Sandrine Bouvier, Head of e-Mobility Stellantis France.

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